Civil Services 

Our civil services range from concrete structures, concrete rehabilitation, specialized applications, and steel corrosion protection.

Concrete Works

Jonroux is an experienced company specialising in all forms of concrete rafts, columns, slabs and specialised concrete floors and have been involved in concrete works for residential, commercial, industrial and mining projects.

Our main strength is our focus on delivering a concrete structure that accurately adheres to specifications, is strong enough to endure all its life expected circumstances and with the best finish possible to enhance the property’s appearance and value.

Concrete Rehabilitation, specialized applications, and steel corrosion protection.

Concrete Rehabilitation

Concrete provides strength and stability to structural members of buildings, bridges, water retaining structures, sewerage treatment plants, etc. Therefore, it is very important to protect any deterioration or damage to concrete.

This must be repaired promptly in order not to compromise the integrity of structures built with concrete. Concrete rehabilitation especially in critical infrastructures is as important as any other maintenance activity and must be carried out in a timely manner. Repairs performed at early stage would save extremely expensive remediation that may become necessary at latter stages.

Rehabilitation or repair involves the removal of deteriorated, damaged, or defective concrete and then carrying out an appropriate repair procedure. Jonroux are skilled in the following repair procedures:

Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy Coatings - We take pride in providing tailor-made solutions. Our specialised teams apply these hard, abrasion-resistant coatings, to provide a superior smooth surface that is resistant to colour fade in direct sunlight. The coatings can be applied to floors or even on walls.


Waterproofing - Our philosophy is to deliver a professional service from site survey to end of works. Our success is due to our exceptional range of expertise in dam proofing and waterproofing control. Our expertise range from damp proof injection, rising damp control and waterproofing solutions.

Specialized Applications

External reinforcing by means of steel plates and carbon fiber strips, Drilling and grouting of reinforcement bars and post tensioning bars, Crack injection and sealing, Migrating corrosion inhibitors.

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